Silentium³: a new strategy for noise reduction in industrial equipment

Recticel Flexible Foams

When it comes to the acoustic performance of our technical foams, we have set ourselves an ambitious target: to become the global preferred supplier for silencing applications in Automotive and Industrial Equipment OEMs. We can only achieve this by staying close to our customers and developing solutions that are finely tailored to meet their needs.

This customer-driven approach to innovation has produced a cutting-edge concept for industrial equipment: Silentium³ (Silentium Triplex). Recently revealed at Foam Expo Europe, this solution is developed alongside each individual customer and uses a unique combination of approaches to deliver unprecedented results.

Three noise-reducing steps

The Silentium³ (Silentium Triplex) approach consists of three steps, undertaken by acoustic engineers in cooperation with the client, to analyse the specific machine and define the ultimate solution.


Step 1 treats the source of noise and vibrations. Using quieter engines, compressors, fans, etc., means that there is less noise to resolve. Vibration damping materials can be used at this stage and encapsulation of the source can significantly reduce the noise level.

Step 2 addresses noise inside the equipment. This usually involves absorbing sound in the canopy, although techniques are also used to reflect or redirect noise. We develop a customised solution to match the noise signature of the individual machine, while also integrating fire resistance, moisture repellence, adaptation for different working temperatures and other specific customer demands.

In Step 3, we minimise, or ideally prevent, noise exiting the equipment. Sound leaks may be avoided by using sealants, louvres, additional mass for sound insulation or vibration damping materials.


“We cooperate to win”

Silentium³ (Silentium Triplex) was made possible by the combined efforts of several teams within the Recticel organisation, including Sales, Product Management, Application Development and Operations, who worked tirelessly to transform it from the initial identification of a customer need through to development and production. A key role was played by our Acoustic Centre of Excellence, which was involved in design, material and technology selection, samples, prototypes and testing. We are also privileged to have strong relationships with several institutes and universities, with access to their expertise and equipment.


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White paper: Silencing and sealing in gensets, a comprehensive approach

The global generator set market is highly competitive with manufacturers investing in continuous R&D and product innovation to meet the demands of different industries. Alongside the need for reliable continuous off-grid power supplies, there is growing concern for the health and safety of industrial personnel and the communities who live near industrial sites. Noise reduction and environmental responsibility are key considerations for genset manufacturers and operators. While striving to meet targets in these areas, they also prioritise high machine efficiency with lower lifetime costs.


This white paper examines the issues surrounding genset silencing and sealing, as well as the added value of a comprehensive approach.

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